Virtual Reality Apps 2018

It is a fact that virtual reality apps are becoming the future of entertainment. This is basically because the apps can immerse one in incredible three hundred and sixty degree visuals. Initially, virtual reality experiences were limited to advanced headsets. It is important to note however, that now; there are a range of options for turning a Smartphone into an immersive device. There are so many headsets that have entered the market. Unfortunately, most of the technological benefits of the innovations used in the headsets cannot easily be accessed by consumers’ reason being the high cost and engineering limitations. If one however utilizes his or her smart phone, he or she can be in a position to download some great free virtual reality apps and in so doing gets an idea of how virtual reality revolutionizes the world.

Availability of the virtual reality apps
Virtual reality apps advanced a lot in the previous years. Notably, there is much more to witness in the coming years inclusive of android apps that bring characters to life, wireless virtual reality headsets and virtual vacations. These apps can be found on Google play store and iTunes. What one ought to do is just to log on to Google play store and look for the apps they desire. The specifications of the apps are very important though. For instance, one should beware not to confuse cardboard camera with Google cardboard. The two were developed by goggle but are distinctly different. Just as the name states, cardboard camera allows users to take three hundred and sixty degree pictures through their android devices. Some of the top virtual reality apps 2018 include the following:

i. Netflix virtual reality app
This virtual reality app best suits customers who are looking to watch movies and television shows. The app does so by allowing users to watch their favorite movies and shows in a virtual environment. The app possesses a great potential in as far as the millions of users it has is concerned. However, some improvements ought to be done like enabling for downloads of content for offline viewing.

ii. Full dive virtual reality app
This app is the best in broadening a view. Most users like it as it allows them to play any videos that they have on their phones and have an experience that they would have in a movie theatre. Furthermore, the app allows its users to browse anything on the internet in virtual reality mode and view them in an immersive experience.

iii. Mine craft gear virtual reality edition
This app has taken the world by storm. With it, customers can get closer to the block- building phenomenon. They can also
explore and build a new world and play through multiple modes like survival. Just like the full game, this app allows users to play with friends in an online mode.

If one visits the education category in the Google’s play store, he or she will find this app. Having it classified in the education category does not equate it to the fun in education. It has more fun and can be enjoyed by all customers regardless of their age. It allows users to have an experience of the world’s most popular destinations and go on expeditions.

Virtual reality apps are awesome and they receive positive reviews by its customers a t all times. The only challenge that exists is that some of these apps are in their earlier versions and some of them are only available for android users at the moment.

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