The Best Virtual Reality Headset For Controlling Your Drone

Virtual Reality is an extremely interesting means of traveling by just using technological power. Using a headset & motion tracking, Virtual Reality permits you to look around some virtual space if you happen to be there. This has similarly been a good technology for several years now. This is adjusting with the latest wave of the Virtual Reality products.  At the moment Drones are trending in Social Media & Youtube due to the awesome shots/footage you can capture, while the below covers the best headset to control your drone, make sure you have the best Drone for travel videos.

Mobile or Tethered?

Modern Virtual Reality headsets fall under 2 categories that is either mobile or tethered. The mobile headsets are simply shells having lenses where one places their smartphone. These lenses are responsible for separating your screen into 2 images for the eyes which turns a smartphone to a Virtual Reality device. The mobile headsets are inexpensive as compared to the tethered headsets and since the whole processing is performed on the phone, there is no need to connect wires to that headset.

Tethered headsets on the other hand are connected by physical means to the PCs. The cable will make the headsets somehow unwieldy, but placing the entire video processing in the box implies that your Virtual Reality experience might be much more complicated. Using dedicated display in your headset rather than a smartphone, an in-built motion sensors as well as a camera tracker which is external, improves the image fidelity as well as head tracking. Below are the best virtual reality headsets for controlling your drone:

Sony PlayStation Virtual Reality

This virtual reality offers the most polished as well as simple-to-operate tethered Virtual Reality experience having a reasonable price tag. It is possible to play the proprietary titles on this Virtual Reality, but the theater mode allows you to play whatever PS4 game which gives you the impression that you are sitting right in front of an enormous screen. This is a worthy Virtual Reality which can similarly be used to control your drone by giving you a similar impression.

HTC Vive Virtual Reality

This is a detailed package which comes with a headset, 2 motion controllers as well as 2 base stations that define an “entire-room” Virtual Reality area. This is technically impressive since it is capable of tracking your motions in a ten-foot cube as opposed to doing it from your seat. This VR similarly includes various motion controllers that are much advanced as compared to the PlayStation Move.

Oculus Rift

This was among the first big names in the resurgence of Virtual Reality. While the retail type of the Oculus Rift is relatively expensive compared to the developer kits, it is similarly much advanced. Viewing it from a technical aspect, this headset is almost similar to the Vive. It similarly includes the Touch motion controllers possessed by Oculus, supports wide-area Virtual Reality just like the Vive.

Samsung Gear Virtual Reality

This is among the most accessible Virtual Reality systems. To utilize the latest Gear Virtual Reality, you should have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone that is compatible. This will narrow down the potential users to individuals who already have the Samsung phones that are compatible. This is due to the fact purchasing one to use only with your Gear Virtual Reality will push the price up. If you are therefore planning to purchase the Galaxy S8, you stand a chance of getting a headset free of charge that accompanies your purchase.

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