Cool VR Activities in Australia

Virtual reality news in Australia are going to leave you with your mouth open in astonishment. From romantic propositions to videos in 360º at 10,000 feet. The country of the kangaroos and the Opera House, has opened the gap to expand virtual reality to unsuspected limits.

Shooting zombies and more
Australians have found a collective way to enjoy virtual reality. In Melbourne stands the first virtual entertainment center baptized under Zero Latency. There, every day, hundreds of young people go to live experiences full of adrenaline in just over 400 square meters. Armed with a laser sight rifle and an Occulus Rift helmet, they are transported to a chaotic world where the word “survive” is their only alternative.

Buildings that fall
under the weight of the flames. Streets cracked and full of chaos. Narrow aisles. Dark tunnels. And a colossal army thirsty for undead that roam this inhospitable place, have caused that Zero Latency is in one of the most visited and famous places in Australia.

However, last year the bloody and adrenaline-charged game that players can enjoy, had an unexpected episode. A man, who had been with his wife for some time, came up with an original proposal to strengthen his ties with her. So he spoke with the managers of the place to change the chaos for paradise.

The destroyed buildings were replaced by a quiet neighborhood. And the zombies became a virtual couple. The man, a carpenter by profession, approached his girlfriend and asked for his marriage; while the crowd of players was close to them and applauded them. A stunning virtual reality news in Australia, don’t you think?

Dreaming at 10 thousand meters high
In other virtual reality news in Australia, there are other companies that are beginning to bet strongly on this new branch of technology. One of them, is preciselyQuantas: airline that has placed users virtual reality helmets in their seats to relax and live an experience different from the usual routine of flights.

It should be noted that the virtual dynamic proposed by Quantas, until now, has only been enabled for long routes. From Melbourne to Los Angeles, passengers can look for comfort in a thick cushion while being transported to a world that combines videos in three dimensions and also in 360 degrees.

Reviving World War II: Kokoda Track
In the same vision has walked one of the most prestigious newspapers in Australia. ABC and the university Torrens, have allied to take VR to the institutes and show one of the more epicepisodes that happened during the II World war: the way of Kokoda, in New Guinea.

Australian and Papuan soldiers clashed with Japanese forces conflicted in one of the most shocking war clashes on which thousands of stories were written. However, now with the use of technology, the Australian guys are going to be able to relive that specific episode from a completely different plane.

In the thickness of the mountain, while the orders given by the officer are heard and the noise of detonations is heard, the students of the institutes will be able to reconstruct the event. And in addition, they will travel in seconds to the present of Kokoda, to recognize all the changes that the area suffered after the small war.

Educating about catastrophes
In what has become one of the most amazing about virtual reality, the imagination of the Australian authorities has risen to educate and avoid many victims in a catastrophe. And how? They built a program that can help people in the event of a fire.

It is a complete software that recreates a place sunk by the flames and the heat, so the person must use a form to escape the bitter scene that looms over his head. So far, one of the most shocking virtual reality news in Australia.

It seems that Australians have enhanced the initial goal of the virtual reality helmet and have adapted it to their own needs. So, it would not be strange at all, that in the future, they could make something that blows the lid of the brain to more than one and that, without a doubt, we stand up to applaud such an admirable initiative.

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