Application Development


Date: 16-03-2015

We develop custom virtual reality apps that can meet the specific requirements of your business.

We have specialised knowledge and experience in developing quality products for a wide range of high profile clients and will work to suit your specific needs. Our apps have practical, real-world uses and are designed to immerse audiences in virtual worlds and simulations that have not been possible in the past.

Our VR fashion show app gave consumers a chance to view a garment and see how it flows and fits from their own home. We created 3D avatars to showcase the clothing within the app and matched fabric patterns with the current styles being used in manufacturing. Users could sample a range of different items, similar to online shopping, but were able to see more clearly how items would fit in real life.

Our augmented reality apps have been used in construction, engineering and renovation companies to show consumers proposed building changes, product ranges and inside walls etc. These are particularly useful at trade shows where consumers want to sample a large range of products and styles in a short amount of time.

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